Naomi Thomas, July 25, 2016 | 1 min read

Week 3 – I Think I Can Do This!

This might sound dramatic, but I can honestly say that Tech Talent South has already been a life changing experience – and we are only three weeks in. I came into the program only knowing some HTML, CSS, and a little bit of Java (mostly from my college computer science courses). In my University classes, I always felt a little intimidated and out of place, as I am usually one of the few female and minority students. I was self-conscious, and I didn’t perform as well as I could. At Tech Talent South, it was very refreshing to see such a diverse set of students on the first day. We were given the opportunity to get to know each other through a kick-off party, and were encouraged to follow the TTS Meetup group. So far, I’ve attended a few events that TTS has suggested, and I’ve been able to network with many amazing entrepreneurs in the Charlotte community.

Although the Code Immersion program is fast paced, I am proud to have already learned three languages. My teachers and their teaching assistants are awesome. My classmates are helpful as we try to work with each other as much as possible. We communicate through Slack to solve class and homework assignments. I also had a lot of fun teaching a Kids Code class this past Tuesday – it feels great to take what I’ve learned in class and make an impact on others. Plus, the kids were absolutely adorable!

On top of Code Immersion, I am a student in the Startup Primer class! Our teachers are inspiring and have provided me with several resources that I have been able to use in my everyday life. I am building my own idea from the ground up, and I couldn’t think of a better group to start with! I’ve always been a little nervous when speaking in front of people, but in this class, I’ve received nothing but support, positive feedback, and helpful critiques. I am pleasantly surprised that my classmates are such talented people and have so much potential to turn their dreams into success. I am looking forward to the remainder of this journey!