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Struggling to fill roles consistently? TTS has trained talent ready to go or we can provide world-class training to your current staff to fill gaps where you need them most.

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Tech Talent and Strategy brings the convenience of remote work tech to your organization, allowing you to scale your operations without any hassles. We understand the challenges involved in consistently filling roles in your company, so we’ve designed this solution for you. With Tech Talent and Strategy, you can hire trained, talented individuals ready to join your team. Alternatively, we can provide top-notch training programs to upskill your current staff, ensuring they’re well-equipped to fill gaps where you need them most. Trust Tech Talent and Strategy to optimize your workforce and keep your operations running smoothly, no matter where your team is located. We offer the flexibility and efficiency of remote work in tech with our expertly trained professionals and trained solutions. Get in touch with us now to discuss your needs!

Flexible hiring and training options to fit your company’s needs

Save money and time while reducing turnover, by building a team specific to your needs and investing in their success.

How contract-to-hire works

Contract-to-hire is a low-risk option that avoids the anxiety of hiring with a trial period. We like to call this our “try before you buy” model. As a plus, we can fill an individual role, or deploy candidates in pods – this is called our enablement model.

Early Talent

All of our early talent goes through 60+ hours of training and assessment and we guarantee there’s a right fit who’s ready to hit the ground running! We’ll place these highly-skilled individuals into open roles on a contract-basis, and if you love them, you can easily convert them into a W-2 employee at any time!

Experienced Talent

Need senior talent? We’ve got that too! We’ve been training and up-skilling individuals since 2013 and have a robust network of mid- and senior-level talent. These individuals have years of experience in the industry and are eager to bring their skills to your next project!

About Direct Hire

All of our talent goes through 60+ hours of training and assessment. We guarantee there’s a right fit who’s ready to hit the ground running.

How does Direct Hire work?

In our direct-hire model, our candidates are hired as W-2 employees of the partner company. We’re paid a flat percentage of the candidate’s first-year salary by the partner.

What makes us different?

We can quickly place individuals in a permanent role as we already have qualified candidates in our database ready to go! If we don’t already have the right fit, we’ll handle the recruiting process for you.

Train your team

Already have a team of amazing people but need to add to the technical toolbox? TTS provides training and upskill opportunities to add abilities and skills to the team you currently have in place.

What training can we provide to your team?

We have courses in Full Stack Web Development, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, AWS, and Salesforce ready to go. But we work with each team to develop a custom course that will address their needs.

What are the benefits to training a team?

There are many benefits to up-skilling your team, including employee retention, professional growth, and more! We all know that the tech industry develops quickly, so your employees need to as well!

Our Process

01. Attract diverse candidates

We intentionally connect with diverse candidates through targeted, personalized messaging. We average 1,500 applicants per quarter.

02. Assess for aptitude

We assess for aptitude then provide candidates with SME-led delivery to equip them with real experience delivering products as a team.

03. Routinely review

Our program managers and instructors routinely perform a holistic review of the candidates on core criteria that align with key drivers of success.

04. Deploy talent

We deploy our talent to work on our client’s delivery team on contract-to-hire. The candidates then convert to full-time employees.

05. Analyze the candidate

During the engagement, we regularly meet with the talent, client, and enablement partner to receive feedback and provide support.

Why TTS?

Access to Top Quality Talent

Recruit from top universities, like Yale, Davidson, Emory, UNC Chapel Hill, and more, our talent gets upskilled in powerful tech tools.

Search by Stack

Through our modular training methodology, talent in our network get exposed to some of the most sought after tools in tech.


We assess candidates throughout multi-week programs for factors beyond what can be discerned from a resume, application, interview, or test.

Immediately Available

Short term or long term, this will be the easiest hiring decision you've ever made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum time commitment?

We will work with you to determine your needs for the project and agree on a timeline that works for you and your budget!

How do you get all of your talent?

We have both junior talent + senior talent. We’re a top recruiter at Handshake, a platform that targets students and recent graduates. We also have our talent database, which contains a mix of junior talent and returning senior talent.

What does diversity look like at TTS?

We intentionally connect with diverse candidates through targeted, personalized messaging. As a company, 65% of our talent database identifies as a Woman, Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Color – all of which are underrepresented groups in technology.

Types of hires?

At TTS, we focus on two main types of hire: contract-to-hire and direct-hire. Contract-to-hire is a low-risk option that avoids the anxiety of hiring with a trial period. We place highly-skilled individuals into open roles, and if it’s not the right fit, no worries. If you’re looking for a direct-hire, we’ve got you covered. All of our talent goes through 60+ hours of training and assessment

Can I interview them or do you assign them?

We survey you to see what you like, then we interview them and do the heavy lifting for you. We know you’ll like them, if you don’t we replace them.

Are there any other perks of being a hiring partner with TTS?

Other than the perk of joining the TTS family, all hiring partners get 30% off of courses at TTS. Not to mention, when you’re in a hiring pinch, you’ll have our top talent right at your fingertips.

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