Meagan Michal, October 7, 2020 | 1 min read

Tech Talent South Offering Free Technical Training to Residents of Charlotte Impacted by COVID-19



The City of Charlotte and Tech Talent South are excited to announce our partnership on a free, remote technical training program for Charlotte, NC residents!

Two programs will be made available based on technical experience. Participants who are making the transition into the technical landscape will learn the foundations of front-end and back-end software development (how to make websites, mobile apps, and the digital systems upon which businesses rely). Participants that are looking to gain more specialized experience will be enrolled in our part-time Advanced Java course, where learners will be introduced to key Java Applications Development skills necessary to succeed as mid-level Java developers. Specifically, participants will learn full-stack Spring-based Java development using the Spring Tools 4 IDE for Eclipse.

The ultimate goal of the program is to create a workforce more capable of remote work, enable digital startups to take root in Charlotte, and make it easier for technology-centric companies to take advantage of the Queen City’s pro-business environment.

Recruitment specialists will help prepare graduates to apply and compete for technical and tech-adjacent roles. Program graduates can be found in roles such as Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Application Developer, Quality Assurance, Salesforce Administrator, Java Developer, and more.

Using federal funds made available through the Department of Treasury funded CARES Act, the City of Charlotte will cover the cost of tuition for the entire class of participants. Charlotte residents of all ages and backgrounds who were financially impacted by COVID-19 are invited to apply, especially workers who were laid off due to the pandemic. The application is now live and accessible at

Class is scheduled to begin at the end of October or beginning of November with the exact date to be finalized soon. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply immediately.




As a valued member of the Tech Talent South community, we are honored to share this opportunity with you first. Please spread the word to your network. For those interested in recruiting graduates of this program, you can learn more hereThank you for your time and contribution to our community!