Yassi Hilal, March 2, 2016 | 1 min read

Love Your Errors!

I had been thinking about getting into the ‘development world’ for a quite a while. Each time I’ve thought about it, my fears have stopped me from taking myself seriously. I would go from advice to advice and find yet another excuse to discourage myself from pursuing it. The voices in my head would say, “There will be fresher people in the field… there will be smarter people…there will be more experienced people… if I truly wanted it, I would have probably learnt it on my own …and on and on and on.” Finally, a year ago, I purchased a Ruby on Rails book and started to read and code. With every new page, and every new error I would run into, I would get more discouraged. 🙁 I never thought there will come a day where I would be looking forward to the next error!

That is today. Two more weeks to go and still, there are plenty of errors to deal with. But this time it actually means that I have done something right! Six weeks into the program, I have run into more errors than I could log or fix! It’s all good and it only shows progress!

I’m not only not scared of errors… I am excited to deal with them! I try to get through them mostly on my own, but then of course, there’s your friend Google… your instructors… and most importantly, the other Tech Talent students who are just as eager to get you through your error. This is when you really learn.

I enrolled in this program because I finally decided that even though there’s a chance that all my excuses and fears are valid, I’m still gonna give it a shot. I decided I will give it my all and I will not look back. Would I fail miserably? Or maybe I’d hate it? But at least I wont regret not knowing.

This is the week when projects start and I can’t wait to run into my next error. It only means that I have tried one more thing that I wasn’t sure of. I have yet another error to catch.