Rachel Anderson, June 24, 2015 | 1 min read


I can’t believe it’s the last day of classes for the Tech Talent South Code Immersion program. So what is this code immersion thing? Yes, it was a class, but it’s not your average kind of class. There are no grades and there is no accountability other than self-accountability. Tech Talent South puts you on a path, but you’re responsible to pick a direction.

That’s what was so great. This isn’t high school, and this isn’t college; this is a group of passionate adult learners that want to go somewhere new in life. From starting their own business, to changing careers, to just adding a new skill to their resume, Tech Talent South students are serious about learning because their future depends on it.

I am proud to be about to graduate from Tech Talent South’s part time program, and I hope to continue down this path to create my own startup. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the environment as well. Nothing is as inspiring as being in the center of innovation and entrepreneurship at HQ Raleigh and seeing the space where all kinds of startups live. It’s inspiring to see so many people passionate about following their dreams even through seemingly insurmountable odds. So thank you Tech Talent South, HQ Raleigh, community organizer Erin Garritano, and my instructor Sean Ankenbruck for teaching more than just how to code, but reminding adults that anything is possible.