Yamila Saiegh, February 15, 2020 | 1 min read

Columbus, We’re Back at the Idea Foundry!

Here at Tech Talent South, we work hard to create that perfect classroom environment. One that is conducive to collaboration, inspires innovation, and is welcoming to all. And if you’re in Columbus, Ohio, you’ll be finding that (and more) in our updated classroom space at the Idea Foundry!

The Idea Foundry is a coworking space like no other. It has offices where the vibe is always buzzing with discussions, brainstorming, and good ideas. While you’re hard at work taking your tech journey to the next level in one of our programs, you also find workshops covering absolutely everything under the sun from virtual reality and 3D printing to knitting and glass cutting. There’s always something going on and our Columbus students get to be around all of this exciting action and commotion where you can be enlightened and inspired. Want to work on some coding, dabble in laser cutting, and casually build some furniture? You can do it all under one roof here! (And no this is not an advertisement for the Idea Foundry – we’re just that excited to be there!)

We specifically choose spaces for our classroom so that our students are surrounded by enthusiastic, talented individuals because we believe that this creative energy is contagious. It encourages critical thinking and problem solving, key skills needed to thrive in our foundational and advanced coding courses. And it doesn’t hurt that this place looks pretty awesome too! We’re excited to have you join us in this new space. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire the next big app idea!