Kili Butler, April 10, 2023 | 0 min read

Started From a Bootcamp, Now We’re Here

Started from a bootcamp, now we're here.

From a small kitchen in Atlanta to a booming business across the U.S., we’ve come a long way! Starting as a coding bootcamp in 2013, TTS has now grown into a full-service talent solutions provider, offering training, staffing, and consulting services to individuals and companies alike. Who knew that a simple kitchen could launch such an incredible journey?

We now provide talent solutions to Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, enabling them to rock their digital transformation goals. We’re talking healthcare, finance, manufacturing – you name it, we’ve helped them build and scale their tech teams.

We’ve been super busy building and growing, and we realized that it was time for a change. To reflect our growth, expansion, and strategic focus on talent solutions, we’ve recently rebranded from Tech Talent South to Tech Talent & Strategy! Don’t worry, you can still call us TTS for short.

So, whether you’re ready to build a tech team, hire talent, learn new skills, or partner with us, we’ve got your back. With a fun, innovative, and customer-centric approach, TTS is the go-to provider for all your tech talent needs. Are you ready to join the tech party?