Angela Maida, September 18, 2020 | 2 min read

What Technical Recruiters Look For

At Tech Talent South, we pride ourselves on preparing those who take our courses to utilize the skills they’ve learned in the real world. Whether you are a newcomer or someone who has been in the tech industry for years, speaking to a recruiter for a potential job can be quite nerve-wracking. What’s really going through their minds as they speak to you? Here we will look at what technical recruiters look for in a good candidate.

Career Trajectory

There is a misnomer that career trajectories always have to fall on a ladder. The most intelligent folks know that careers are not one-size-fits-all. Some people are passionate people leaders while other are extraordinarily talented individual contributors and still more fall somewhere else on the spectrum (not the corporate ladder). The important thing is not that you have moved or haven’t, it’s that you understand what you’re looking for, what you’re good at, and what you want. That you know and can eloquently convey what opportunities you are interested in to the recruiter.  

Continuous Education

Education, in this case, does not necessarily mean a formal, four-year degree program. Plenty of professionals in the industry do not have computer science degrees from a university. If you do have one, that’s great! However, your degree should not make you complacent in continuing to learn. If you do not have a formal degree, you will need to have examples of practical applications of your self-taught skills.

Tech Talent South’s Charlotte coding bootcamp is a perfect example of this, whether you have a degree or not, as it shows that you are dedicated to educating yourself on the industry’s best practices. In fact, according to Indeed, 72% of the 1000 employers surveyed thought that bootcamp graduates were just as prepared and likely to succeed as those who graduated with formal degrees.

Level of Passion

Enjoying your work is a sign to recruiters that you are someone who cares about doing it correctly. Being passionate about your previous work and, especially, the work you want to do at the new company can be a huge deciding factor for your recruiter. Be prepared with questions for your recruiter that show genuine interest in what their company is doing. Taking one of Tech Talent South’s courses shows that you have the passion and the drive to better yourself professionally.

Communication Skills

What tech recruiters are really looking for is someone that can communicate. That means being able to harness both your IQ and your EQ. Your future job, especially if you are looking for a more senior position, will likely not be you alone on an island. You will need to show the recruiter that you are able to explain technical concepts in a non-technical way and that you are easy to communicate with. Speak clearly and concisely so that they know that you will thrive in a solitary or team setting.