Juan Sanchez, January 22, 2018 | 1 min read

The Importance of Speaking the Language

I’ve always believed that to truly understand a culture, you have to speak its language. The most profound insights that I’ve gained into a society, were obtained by having the fortune of speaking the local language and dialect.

As our lives become increasingly integrated with technology, it is my conviction that programming languages will become an integral component of our future job market. In order to keep pace with a rapidly changing professional landscape, I decided to attend Tech Talent South’s Code Immersion program. The program was challenging, fast paced and rewarding. 

At Tech Talent South I felt there was a sense of community, and as a graduate, I feel as though I have a support network which I can leverage. The staff was understanding, patient and attentive to individual student needs. During my time in the course, I felt as though I had a voice that was taken into consideration, as evidenced by the consensus driven approach to problem solving exercised at TTS. 

Among the many aspects that coalesced to make my experience positive, the one that stands out is the knowledgeable and dedicated instructor I was fortunate enough to learn from. Our instructor was very approachable and always made himself available to students during routine class hours, evenings and weekends. 

If I could do anything different which could have enhanced my experience, it would be to conduct as much pre-work prior to starting bootcamp as possible. While I believe you can be successful  at bootcamp without it, your experience will be greatly enhanced by having a basic understanding of the major concepts you will be covering in the course. 


Lastly, bootcamp is not a panacea. This craft is a labor of love, and you have to be ready to be a life long learner if you’re going to genuinely pursue this and expect to be successful.