Yamila Saiegh, September 25, 2019 | 3 min read

Reskilling a Leading Tax Application (a TTS case study)

Seasonal Demands: The Challenges They Bring and Our Solution 

  • Companies that work around the cyclical calendar face a unique fluctuating staffing challenge that Tech Talent South can solve by reskilling current employees to fit changing demands. 
  • TTS trained 30 back-end developers to step in as front-end developers within a leading financial organization, working with the company on their own turf and drafting a curriculum to fit their needs. 
  • This upskilling program works to save the company money, time, and energy they no longer have to use to hire and train temporary workers while also making current employees feel valued. 


The Challenge: 

Companies working around seasonal demands consequently face fluctuating staffing demands. 

Any company that works with taxes has to face the challenges of seasonal demands. A big issue for many can be staffing demands – tax companies require a large influx of temporary manpower. This fluctuating demand for certain skills and employees can impose quite a challenge on tax and financial companies. This could be difficult for any organization so when a leading financial tax corporation faced this dilemma, it reached out to Tech Talent South to find a solution. With the quickly evolving tech industry, companies find that many of their engineers are brilliant in their own specialization but lack experience in other areas of their tech stack. That was the case with this leading personal finance company, where tax season brought a higher demand for tier I and II support engineers and thus a lower urgency on back end engineering projects. 


The Solution: 

On-site training with a customized curriculum upskilling employees to take on various roles.

Tech Talent South worked with this company to train 30 back-end developers to step into front-end developer roles as needed. They worked on the company’s schedule and in their space, bringing the training to them.  Expert instructors were able to customize the curriculum to best serve the needs of the company. In this case, it was a highly popular and in-demand JavaScript stack. Over the course of eight weeks, these employees were able to learn new skills on the job that would make them invaluable to their company while boosting their resumes. 

Apart from making an investment into their employees, choosing to upskill their developers was a smart financial investment in general. Hiring seasonal employees not only takes up time and energy, but it can be incredibly expensive. Additionally, finding the right employee that checks all the boxes is difficult and takes time, even for temporary employees. The average job posting is open for 42 days and the interview process takes an average of 23 days, making this a long and strenuous process. Upskilling the current developer team is a much more efficient and cost-effective solution that benefits the employees and the company alike. 


The Result: 

Having employees with transferable skills saves the company time, money, and energy while improving employee retention and loyalty.

This company chose to invest in their team, through the resources TTS provided, allowing their employees to continue learning new skills and working outside of their comfort zone, where they were needed. This technical upskilling program allowed this entire team to contribute to the company in ways that had previously been inaccessible, while also giving the support engineering team 30 new sets of hands to help with this busy tax season.With a staffed and skilled customer support team, this improves the brand image and customer experience. By teaching these employees new, transferable skills, it also saved the company a significant amount of money and time. Overall, this upskilling program has been incredibly beneficial to this leading tax and finance company. 


“In my experience with Tech Talent South, I’ve learned that the corporate upskilling program they delivered for us is just one of their multiple approaches to building the local tech sector’s talent pool and capabilities. I highly recommend that they are recognized for their innovative approach to serving businesses large and small with training solutions to human capital disparities.” – Senior Director of Engineering 

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