Kenneth Julian, October 5, 2020 | 2 min read

Interview Questions To Ask Technical Candidates

If you’re in charge of hiring at a company that needs tech professionals, you may not want to interview them the way you do other candidates. Tech professionals have specific skillsets that you should consider and certain personality traits that are more useful to their jobs than others. Tech Talent South wants you to be prepared to efficiently interview these potential employees, so we’ve compiled a list of interview questions to ask technical candidates.

“How do you keep your knowledge as current as possible?”

The purpose of this question is to make sure the candidate is actually passionate about the work that they do. Do they keep up with technology blogs and news? Do they take extra learning courses such as Tech Talent South’s boot camps or certifications? Because engaged employees show 21% more profitability, enthusiasm for the job is not something you should overlook.

“Can you tell me about a time you failed?”

This question may be a classic, but it’s stuck around for a reason. Tech professionals need to be adept at failing and bouncing back quickly. Make sure to listen carefully to their answer about how they got back up. Ask them what they learned from that may help them to prevent something like this from happening again. Not only will their answer show a willingness to try new things, but it will tell you how they will handle failure in the position you are hiring for.

“How do you think our company’s website can be improved?”

This is a sneaky question because you will quickly find out if the candidate has done their background research on your company, and you’ll get to see their critical thinking skills. This allows you to understand their thought process as a programmer or web designer. It also reveals whether the candidate has a mind for new ideas and the confidence to bring them to your company.

“How do you think future advancements in technology will affect your job?”

Asking this question near the end of an interview can give you a good sense of how future-oriented the candidate is. Do they recognize that their industry is always changing, or are they stuck in their way of thinking? Tech Talent South always prepares its candidates, not only with skills but with the right mindset going into the future.

“Can you explain [applicable technology] to me as if I know nothing about it?”

You obviously want to know if the candidate understands your systems, but dealing with people who aren’t as knowledgable will definitely be part of their job. If they fumble through explaining the most basic processes, that’s only going to cause more headaches when they actually work for you.

When you need IT staff augmentation or corporate technology training, Tech Talent South will be your go-to for the best and most prepared employees. Now that you know the interview questions to ask technical candidates, you can go into your interviews with confidence that you will emerge with an exemplary employee.