Sydney Stern Miller, March 12, 2021 | 3 min read

How Gender Studies Brought One Graduate to Software Engineering

This Talent Tuesday we are thrilled to be able to highlight program graduate and instructor, Teri Davis. The fact that it happens to be Women’s History Month feels just a little serendipitous. Teri, a recent transplant to Atlanta, has a background in Women’s Studies and Public Policy and in her spare time works on projects like her current workshop: Feminism, Social Justice, and AI. Teri is committed to continuing to enhance diversity and inclusion in the tech space, and so are we.

What course(s) did you take with TTS?

I took the full-time Java Code Immersion course and I was a part of the Talent Activation Program (TAP). In between those two classes, I attended a part-time Intro to Web Design and a Javascript course.


Tell us about your favorite project!

My favorite project was my Capstone Project. My partner and I were stressed that whole week. We were building an app with Spring Tools and Angular. We created an Avatar App for the Daria cartoon. We did not have much experience with Angular. Most of our time was used problem-solving how to create a database of SVGs that we could edit. We were creating something we were passionate about. We were proud of the final product and the possibilities of future iterations.


What has been the biggest challenge in your tech journey?

The biggest challenge has probably been feeling like I am not worthy. Every day I have to push those thoughts aside and remember that l deserve to be in the tech space. I will always be learning and am ready for the journey.


What have you learned about yourself over the past year?
I have learned that I come up with creative solutions to my problems.


What are your personal and career goals for the future? Dream job?

I would like to work in a creative environment. My dream job would be working with animations and graphics. It would be a dream to work in the UX/UI field.


What projects are you working on now?

I am co-writing a paper for a Feminism, Social Justice, and AI Workshop. We passed the preliminary for the workshop. Now we are working towards workshopping our paper to be considered for the Feminist Philosophy Quarterly Special Issue. Personally, I am working on a closet organizer. Once that is done, I would like to use it in a smart mirror.


How has your background been useful in getting you to this point?

I attended Spelman College and my major was Women’s Studies/Public Policy. I spent most of my time in the Women’s Center where I found my community away from home. I have always been creative. I have been fortunate to use my undergraduate studies and my new computer science knowledge when thinking about equity in the computer science field. Computer science needs more diverse thinkers who can produce unique solutions. Overall, as a junior developer, I am committed to continuing to enhance diversity and inclusion.


When you’re not coding, what do you like to do in your spare time?
When I am not coding I am painting or working on graphic design.


What is your favorite quote, mantra, or piece of advice?

“If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.” -Toni Morrison


Name a woman (or women) past or present, whom you admire or look up to.

I admire my mother, Allyson. She has had many health issues including pancreatic cancer. I remember her having surgery before my graduation and still fighting to fly and make it to all my ceremonies. She is strong and selfless.


What would you tell yourself ten to twenty years ago that you wish you knew then?

You will figure it out. Just breathe!

From Minka, Teri’s Instructor: 

Teri is a joy to work with. She always arrived to class prepared and ready to get the work done. She was also a natural collaborator and worked well with others in the class. Teri is pleasant, professional, studious, and reliable. I believe she will be a real asset wherever she lands.  

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