Jill Tankersley, January 19, 2016 | 2 min read

4 Reasons I Code With TTS

I like to shop, but when I make massive purchases or investments, I’ve learned to always do my homework–and this was especially true for code schools, because I had no connections to the tech world. I did a lot of research on Tech Talent South before I decided to learn to code there. Honestly, none of my options were horrible, but TTS stood out among my choices for several reasons. Obviously everyone is going to have different experiences, but here’s why I chose to learn at Tech Talent South:

  1. Diversity: As a woman, I wanted to find a school in which people of all kinds were supported and encouraged–especially in a field that is so predominantly male. Tech Talent South is that place! It was co-founded by a woman (the all-around awesome Betsy Idilbi) and TTS even offers partial female scholarships to encourage women to make the leap into code. TTS welcomes everyone, and the classes I’ve been to contain the kind of diversity that’s a requirement for truly excellent teams.
  2. Culture: The staff and support team are a bunch of really nice, hard-working people that function well together. They seem to honestly want everyone to feel comfortable enough to ask questions and get help, whether you’re just out of high school or enjoying retirement. The TTS Code Immersion program is also very open to ideas for tours and guest speakers. They want you to tell them if there’s something you’re interested in. And the small class size means that you really get to learn and network. It’s the perfect environment for anyone who wants to learn to code.
  3. Location: Tech Talent South – Atlanta is located in Strongbox West: the biggest shared office space in the southeast and such a great resource for its students. Aside from the great location (right in the middle of Atlanta), Strongbox West hosts a variety of other great companies, which means we share a space with a lot of people who are looking for the kinds of skills I’m learning at TTS. There is a dedicated classroom, but there are plenty of other spaces TTS Code Immersion students get 24/7 access to – anything from traditional desks to standing desks to couches in the breakroom. Also, free coffee and free parking. What’s not to love?
  4. I Tried It, And I Liked It: It’s the best way I’ve found to decide if something will work for me — try it out! TTS hosted a one-night HTML class that I really enjoyed, and TTS’ excellent community organizer, Mandy, was more than willing to give me a tour when I told her I was interested. You can find out all about their free/inexpensive events by searching for Tech Talent South on meetup.com.

Openness, welcome, presence and willingness — Tech Talent South is an awesome place with some great people. This was one purchase I don’t regret.