Zach Smith, February 9, 2018 | 1 min read

Zach Smith on Part Time Code Immersion and Landing a Job

I decided to join TTS Full Stack bootcamp with the intention of securing a job in tech. Previously, I was on the sales side at a FinTech startup in NYC selling a RESTful API to large banks and high growth startups. Sales seemed to me like a horizontal career and I was always interested in the code behind the scenes so I decided to make the switch and start with a bootcamp.


After researching most of the top coding bootcamps, I decided to join TTS because of their reputation and course structure. While the class hits on key development topics like “polymorphism” and “encapsulation”, it was mainly project focused. Projects and foundational knowledge of software development is a requirement for most entry level tech jobs so this was the deal-maker for me. 
Once I completed 75% of the course, I started applying to entry level software dev jobs to learn about the hiring process and to start hearing the technical questions that would be asked by the hiring manager. Obviously, if a job came of it that would be a plus but my main goal was to get good at interviewing for technical roles. It seemed like most of the questions I was asked were either geared towards projects I’ve worked on, or foundational coding principals. Luckily, this class prepares you for both.
After many interviews and a ton of after hours research/learning, I secured a job as a technical consultant. The bootcamp gave me a huge advantage over other candidates because I was versed in more than just one language and had projects to show for it. I did end up getting additional certifications outside of TTS during the bootcamp but it was TTS that was responsible for getting me in the door without a computer science degree.
Great program. Great instructors. Great networking opportunities. Great time.