Elijah Claude, April 4, 2016 | 3 min read

Week 1

tl;dr: TTS is dope, and a cheaper alternative in terms of money, time, and independent networking to obtain the skills and, most likely, even the career opportunities you desire.

Done? No? Then keep reading. ^_ô

I always wanted to create something great. Do something BIG! But I never knew where to start… I never felt like I had the skills, or the connections, or the resources, or even the focus to pick one thing and just do it.

I tried my hand at drawing, dancing, writing, hard sciences, math, game dev, sales, etc., and still look for ways to train up those skills. But I realized that I simply have not found my niche, my medium. I lacked the specific set of tools and methods that would resonate with my soul to empower and direct me; to become obsessed, even, with creating that <big> something </big>.

Before TTS, I was approaching my 3rd year out of high school and feared that I had nothing to show for it. I was not in college, had no current job, had no money, and seemingly had no network. I had tried to teach myself what I needed to know to do what I wanted to do, but nothing seemed to be going anywhere. Sure, I suppose I was making day to day progress like ‘Becoming an Idea Machine’ by committing to Altucher’s guide and coming up with 10 new ideas almost everyday. Stuff like trying to learn Unity3D, C++, Javascript, Interactive 3D Graphics (WebGL type stuff), Game Design, UX/UI, Marketing, Sales, Business Analysis, Professional Writing, and CISCO ICT Networking… all simultaneously.

But as one can imagine, that did not turn out well. I could say, ‘Oh yeah, I’m learning this, this, and that!’ to show people I wasn’t sitting around twiddling my thumbs ‘livin in my momma’s basement’  like a ‘typical millennial’. I could say that all these things are necessary to build something like Flubbi that is fun and pretty. But obviously, such an unstructured approach only meant that I was doing a whole lotta nothin’. And I don’t have time, money, or the privilege to be doing nothing (who does?). Frankly, there are bills to pay and huge ambitions to meet.

So, (with the help of some no-BS free coaching and mastermind calls I’d been taking advantage of) I figured that I should find some institutions to check out — something that would afford me the opportunity to learn the skills I needed to actually follow a structured and efficient path to learn some awesome skills and thus build what I want to build as soon as possible.

Now, we just finished Week 1 of 8.  And I feel… like a fool…  A fool-ishly grinning, jolly ole pirate who just found his booty…

This info is GOLD! Only the first week in and I have learned more substantial knowledge in 4 days than I have in my last 4 years of autodidactism! Okay… so it’s not that crazy, I only started learning about code a year and a half ago, but the rate of learning still holds up exponentially in comparison to my collegiate or free-range peers.

All hyperboles aside, what I am learning at TTS is incredibly valuable. I love that it is both concentrated and intense. Yet it is still wide in its breadth in order to learn the ‘full stack’ of a language. In addition to the code, the TTS people themselves are super awesome too. They are always sharing great tips, experiences, and information about all things tech and Atlanta from careers to startups to local foodie spots.

I could probably go on all day just outlining more of what we learned in this past week. But there is coding to be done. Gotta get this ‘homework’ figured out with enough time to spare to make it look simple and pretty.

I’m looking forward to keeping folks updated about the program and all the glory found trudging through the trenches of noob code. With that said, let’s keep the geekery running and have an ending tag line: This is Elijah Claude signing out to say,  ‘Keep looking up and keep being awesome!’ (✌゚∀゚)