Yamila Saiegh, September 25, 2019 | 3 min read

Upskilling a Retail Distribution Giant (a TTS case study)

Case Study Summary

  • Tech Talent South provided an in-house, custom upskilling program for the existing technical team of a multibillion-dollar retail and distribution giant.
  • This method of ‘upskilling current employees’ allows the company to improve its employee retention rates rather than being forced to fire and hire people dependent on a demanded skillset in the current moment. 
  • It saves the company time, money, and resources by enabling them to outsource training to TTS while maintaining their valued employees.  


With technology evolving at exponentially faster rates, well-established, long-running companies are struggling to adapt and keep up with the changing landscape. What might have been a successful tech stack a mere decade ago may no longer be a feasible, competitive approach. Tech Talent South’s upskilling and reskilling programs were born out of a need to fill the naturally occurring technological gaps due to this shift in the industry. When a multibillion-dollar retail distributor faced this dilemma, TTS stepped in with a solution.

Learning and Development

Tech Talent South created a curriculum specifically suited for this client and worked over the course of 12 weeks to upskill their team of engineers. They provided app development training that included web development and full stack principles to modernize the software development team. They were taught how to build more responsive web applications and were then able to use these new skills to create new applications that reduced process time and streamlined their distribution operations. By providing these new, relevant skill sets, TTS empowered this team and company to continue to revolutionize the grocery retail space.

Internal Team Investment

Throughout the training, the developer team grew together which resulted in the digital transformation of the entire company. Rather than hiring and firing people depending on the specific skill set that is in demand at that moment, this highly successful retailer made the conscious decision to aide in the innovation and growth of their current team. This creates a mutually beneficial situation in which the company saves time and money by retaining the same employees and in return, employees feel valued. They are given opportunities to continue learning while on the job and growing their skillset while being paid to do so. This employee loyalty is invaluable in a fast, recruitable field such as tech. 

This company could have hired temporary people for this project, as that is a viable approach for many. Yet, they chose to invest in their own workforce and therefore improved employee retention by keeping people on board rather than opening up a revolving door of provisional recruits. This upskilling approach allows the company to use this team in the long term, making it a worthy investment for years to come. In an age when talent is becoming more and more competitive, choosing to invest in the people you have and having the resources like TTS to do so makes all the difference.

Estimated Cost Savings

Not only did this company make the wise decision in regards to employee retention and loyalty, they also made the financially sound choice of upskilling their existing developer team. The alternative would have been to hire and train an entire new engineering team, which doesn’t come cheap. Instead, by choosing to upskill their existing employees, a company could hypothetically train 20 employees for $8,000 per person totaling a one-time $160,000 investment. With an upskilled team of developers who are up to date on the required technical stacks, the building and maintenance of this app can remain in-house and inherently less costly and more efficient. If the company chooses to create new applications, they are able to continue using the skills of their development team in the long-term. All in all, the choice to upskill an existing developer team saved this company valuable time, money, and energy. 


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