Robbie, January 1, 1970 | 0 min read

TTS Student Wins Hackathon and Launches New App Business

Kyle Foster has attended multiple Tech Talent South Dallas courses. While attending an advanced ‘Tech Talent Select,’ he decided to drive to a Hackathon in Austin with a friend.

Little did he know that this one weekend event would give him a whole new outlook on his career trajectory. It was a serendipitous occasion where a team of strangers organically formed to take on a temporary challenge, but this team is now planning to tackle much bigger challenges together.

Reinforce was the name of Kyle’s team. After winning a $10k check at the Hackathon, Reinforce is now the name of the business that has landed a contract with a trucking company to develop a software solution to a consistent on-the-job frustration. 


This isn’t the first time that Kyle has made a sharp turn on career plans.