Robbie, August 23, 2019 | 2 min read

TTS Grad is using AI to Simplify Tech Recruitment: Launching Wuhu.

FACT: The number of technology jobs out there is greater than the number of people with the skillset. 

As a tech education company, there aren’t many people more aware of this disparity than us. Perhaps second only to the woeful CTO of a growing company that has to have painful and repetitive conversations with their recruiters about the number of qualified candidates for their exhaustively large number of job openings.

Perhaps the next group of people who feel this disparity the most is the tech talent themselves. Tech Talent South alum with work experience often discuss the bombardment from recruiters trying to convince them to jump companies. It is a great career problem to have, but doesn’t make it less annoying if you are happy with your job. On the flip side of that coin is the necessity of having conversations with recruiters when you are actually searching the market for a job.

One graduate from Tech Talent South is looking to simplify and automate the tech job searching process – and put the control back in the hands of the job seeker.

His name is Brandon Cummings, and he is a co-founder of Wuhu

Brandon, like many TTS students, was working for a tech company when he decided to take Code Immersion. He knew he needed to become more technical in order to keep contributing value to the company. He took Code Immersion in Atlanta in 2014 and was immediately able to provide more assistance with the company’s technology development.

“Those weeks (in Code Immersion) gave me the confidence that what I was trying to learn on my own was in the right direction. We created a full web app end to end. It is the foundation of everything I’ve learned since then. Having the structure and projects to work on were a great foundation for everything else to come.” – Brandon Cummings ’14

 Soon after, he joined Terminus Software as their first developer hire. His development team grew to 30 people in the 4 years that he was with them. He witnessed and struggled with the hiring frenzy firsthand. The idea of Wuhu came from the pain point of recruiting at Terminus, as well as the learned stigma around developer recruitment.

Wuhu uses Artificial Intelligence to build a personal “guru” for every user. Once you teach your guru exactly what you would like your next job to be, it goes out and finds those jobs. Once it does so, it vets the employer based on your criteria before bringing the position to your attention. 

Brandon teamed up with Josh (an old recruiter friend in Atlanta) and Alex, his brother. Together, they have launched a beta version of Wuhu for candidates and companies to connect faster. A routine question that the TTS team has for “Founder alum” is: What can we do to help you launch? Their answer:

“Signup and give us feedback!”

Their goal is really to make technical job seeking easier for the candidate. So they need to know exactly what it is like! Signup for Wuhu here.

Interested in learning more about the company? We are hosting a free info event with the founders of Wuhu. Check it out here.