Robbie, January 1, 1970 | 0 min read

Tresata Hackathon

Hackathon _ Ben Butler

Local Data Analytics Biz put on Hackathon

Need to solve Housing issues that the city is facing.

Ben’s team Winner in the Freestyle Code Category (business model & implementation)

The problem:

Economic Mobility by addressing the issue of Affordable Housing

The App:

Finds voucher holders. Gives them a survey about their lifestyle. And matches them with “roommates” in better neighborhoods. (ie. Two single mothers paired together in a house)

The Team:

Ben came to CLT the week before the class started. Contacted Tracy and asked if anyone would be willing to go to the Hackathon with him. Got connected with the community.

Carlos Medina (2 years ago) – Designer and Pam Stanley (1 year ago) – Presenter and Ben (Ruby on Rails)

Amy Choo from Queen City Forward and the folks at Trisetta