Olivia Jones, July 20, 2021 | 4 min read

The Top 8 Advantages of Working with a Recruitment Agency

Finding the right candidates for your organization is one of the greatest challenges of management. Not only are turnover and bad fit hires bad for employee morale and team stability, but they are also incredibly expensive in terms of both time and money. But what can be done about it? After all, some bad hires are bound to occur no matter what, right? 

It may be true that any company will occasionally make a bad hire, but there are steps you can take to prevent them and their associated cost. Hiring a recruitment agency to help you find suitable candidates is the best way to make sure your new candidates will be a perfect fit. Recruiters are highly skilled at finding the right match for your job description. If you’ve struggled with multiple bad fit hires recently and you want to turn things around, you should consider working with a recruitment agency to streamline and perfect your hiring process. 

Here are some of the biggest advantages of using a recruitment agency to fill empty positions in your organization! 


Significant network 

Professional recruiters who work at recruitment agencies have an extensive network of potential candidates that they can call on to fill your vacant position. Whereas one working professional normally has a personal and professional network that they can tap into, recruiters have larger networks and more experience selecting the perfect candidate for a role.

Better fit 

While HR generalists are quite capable, when it comes to finding the best fit, you should work with a specialist. Recruiters are both financially and professionally motivated to find the exact right fit for your organization. Particularly if your hiring team has had a few misses lately, it may be a good idea to give an external team a try. 


One of the reasons recruitment agencies are great at what they do is they have the advantage of an outside, objective perspective on your company’s needs. Internal recruiters may be hamstrung by management, or they may not have a clear picture of company culture. External recruiters are pros at getting a feel for what your company is looking for, even when you can’t articulate it yourself.

Faster hires 

Hiring is a time-consuming process, and to make matters worse, if a position remains open while your organization struggles to find the right candidate, you’re losing time, money, and productivity. Because of external recruiters’ networks, their ability to communicate and understand your priorities, and the simplicity of the hiring process, using a recruitment agency means a shorter time to hire. Your candidate will appreciate the quick turnaround, and you won’t have to deal with the expensive ordeal of having a key position languish unfilled. 

Good communication 

Recruiters are motivated to keep both sides of the hiring equation happy. They need to please the companies they’re placing candidates with because their compensation depends on successful hires. They also need to remain on good terms with the candidates they’re in touch with because their success requires them to be on good terms with a large network of diverse and highly skilled professionals. Because of these mixed motivations, external recruiters are in the perfect position to find the right fit for your company. They’re able to be more honest with candidates than internal recruiters, including by making salary expectations clear upfront, saving everyone time. 

Pre-screened candidates 

Speaking of saving time, recruiters also save your organization time by pre-screening candidates and putting you in touch only with the most qualified applicants. This frees up valuable time for your internal HR team to focus on other matters, including nailing the final round of interviews with the candidates your recruitment agency selects. 

Diverse workforce 

It’s incredibly important to hire and support a diverse workforce. If you’re having trouble finding a diverse pool of candidates to hire from, a recruitment agency may be the way to go. Traditional hiring relies heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations and personal networks, both of which encourage sameness and homogeneity, as well as perpetuating unconscious biases in hiring. 

Recruiters often have access to a more balanced pool of candidates due to their wide network. They also often work with candidates with non-traditional backgrounds, like community college or training program graduates. 

Highly qualified candidates

Upper management positions can be some of the most difficult to fill, and some of the most costly in the case of a bad hire. Advanced candidates often aren’t looking for jobs on job boards— they may not even be seeking a job at all. Recruiters can fill this need much more easily because they spend their time cultivating relationships to get their placements just right. 

Those were some of the advantages of working with a recruiting agency for your next hire. Tech Talent South is a recruitment agency devoted to technology professionals. If you’re looking to hire tech talent, you can reach out to us here. And if you’re an IT professional looking for your next role, submit your talent profile here.