Brandy Burdick, August 18, 2016 | 2 min read

The Struggle is Real… But So Worth It

Today marks the end of four weeks of my intensive coding bootcamp class. That means that I have exactly four more weeks left to go. Yeah! I knew getting into this coding immersion course that I was going to struggle and have those little self-pity parties in the bathroom (we all know those, right?), because this stuff is hard. Amiright?! But I also knew that computer programming can’t be learned in a day and it was going to take a lot of hard work to get it and feel comfortable with it, and there is nothing better than having those “ah-ha!” moments when I finally understand something.

I graduated with an art degree and never really felt a calling to the art world so I have just been working in the hospitality industry kind of drifting until I realized that I actually really love working with my computer and programs. When I was in college I enjoyed creating my digital files more than the actual artistic outcome of it. I thought it was time to pursue that interest and so I started teaching myself code online and then decided I needed to go back to school for it!

I did quite a bit of research on which bootcamp to enroll in before embarking on this crazy journey and I have to say, I could not have chosen better. Tech Talent South has been so amazing and Jeremy, our instructor has been an unbelievable source of knowledge and understanding. The one thing that really drew my eye to this course was the fact that I would have a real live person sitting there next to me to answer all my dumb questions. Some people do great with online learning; I am not one. I would rather watch Netflix all day than try to work up the motivation to teach myself something online. But with a class that I have to go to every morning and with someone to hold me accountable for showing up, it really does help and makes a huge difference in my learning.

So far, this class has kicked my butt, and I mean that in a great way. I can’t remember the last time I felt this challenged and this drawn to something. It’s definitely hard, but so worth it. The main reason I am even taking this course is to make a major career change. I have always dreamed of having a job I could work from anywhere in the world, so long as my internet connection was on point. This course is giving me the chance to chase that dream and make it my reality (and it helps that I actually enjoy doing the work too). I can’t wait until another four weeks pass and I can say that, “Why yes, yes I am a full-stack developer.” It’s going to feel amazing.