Izzie Zerkus, September 9, 2015 | 2 min read

The People Make The Difference

I only have a little bit more time before I am a Tech Talent South alumni! Every day of class is a new adventure- sometimes it comes easily to me, and sometimes I feel like my head might explode- but it’s always forward progress!

Don’t get me wrong on what I am about to say here; the classes have been amazing. I have learned a massive amount of information and the teaching structure is the perfect blend of repetition and new material. However, the most valuable part of this class, in my opinion, has been the people I have had the opportunity to speak to and learn from during the last six weeks.  

Every teacher has been amazing. Hannah and Tracey are the perfect blend of mass loading new information and then breaking everything down to understanding each piece of the puzzle. Zack taught a few classes at the beginning and his ability to make everything understandable was something I didn’t know was possible!

On top of all the teachers we see throughout the week, we have gotten the opportunity to meet industry professionals in Charlotte and take tours of exciting companies in the tech field. I’ve been to Skookum about twenty times and I fall in love with their culture a little bit more with every visit. We have been to financial groups that have full teams of devs building out apps, marketing agencies building cutting edge technology, and a variety of other companies that are doing equally exciting things with awesome company cultures that anyone would be lucky to join.  

We have talked to angel investors about starting our own companies and pitching to potential investors, recruiters from the biggest tech recruiting firm in Charlotte about resumes and interview skills, and Tech Talent South grads that are already on to new and exciting startup adventures.

I have gained so much coding and real world experience in the past six weeks that I’m not even sure what to do with it all yet! I already know I am going to leave this experience with a brand new set of skills, a built-in group of peers I know I can reach out to with questions (or to grab a beer with when I’m bored), the knowledge I need to get an interview (and hopefully a job), or I could go in a totally different direction and build this app I’ve been thinking will be a success for the past year. Thank you Tech Talent South for making the possibilities endless. 🙂