Sydney Stern Miller, August 4, 2020 | 3 min read

The Future of Technology

Over the past decade, and even more in the past six months, technology has been the driver of digital transformation, and it’s moving at a breakneck speed. As we transition to a world that primarily functions online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations of all sizes are being forced to optimize their development capabilities to remain competitive, offer clients new and approachable solutions, and keep their businesses operationally efficient.

For businesses and individuals alike, keeping up with the pace of technological change can be difficult. Technology is a critical part of every infrastructure, yet the US isn’t keeping up with the tech talent to meet the growing demand, at least in the traditional sense. According to, there are currently 666,534 open computing jobs nationwide, and only 71,226 computer science students graduated into the workforce last year. Not to mention the Department of Labor quantifies the price of a bad hire as at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings – and bad hires happen far more often than most people think. 

Most Hiring Managers and departments are ill-equipped to weed through a marketplace saturated with resumes to reach, identify, and entice the high-end, niche talent they need.” – Shannon Vice, Mondo.

That is why we don’t do things traditionally. Tech Talent South (TTS) offers a one-stop-shop for flexible tech talent solutions for teams of all sizes and at all stages. Whether it’s for organizations looking for top-quality talent at scale and with speed, Workforce Development initiatives, or companies looking to future-proof their own employees by giving them new or advanced skills (upskilling and reskilling) – we deliver solutions that fit every need.

The quality of tech talent has never been more important. However, we know that having a foundational knowledge base about development isn’t enough to stand out against the crowd. That’s why our talent is trained not only on full-stack but on specialties customized to our client needs such as Salesforce Administration, Python, CyberSecurity, React Native, Data Science, and more. Our consultants are highly sought after, meticulously vetted by our team, trained in full-stack, and know how to work with a team. With a proven high capacity for learning and leadership skills, we give you the kind of developer you can put in front of a client.

We recruit all across the country from various professional backgrounds and a range of life experiences. We are proud to say that as a certified woman-owned business, we are a diverse supplier and keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront of all of our programs. Our talent database is 65% minority talent. We believe that providing individuals, especially those underrepresented in tech, with the necessary skills for becoming leaders in the digital workforce speeds progress toward diversity at the top.

In Connecticut, we partner with the DECD through a grant to provide technical training to several hundred participants.  We also have a partnership with Carolina FinTech Hub, which feeds talent to all the banks in the Carolinas, including Bank of America, Ally, and Wells Fargo. Lowe’s also recently partnered with us to reimagine their talent pipeline locally by taking highly qualified individuals with strong aptitude in nontraditional roles and giving them the technical skills they need to fill specific roles, all while being trained in Lowe’s specific technology stack. It’s a modernized way to create your own talent pool. Most companies don’t know that you can actually save money and time while reducing turnover by building a team specific to your needs and investing in their success.

As you reskill your employees, you create a more well-rounded, cross-trained workforce and increase your team’s effectiveness. As a result, you simultaneously improve retention, boost morale, increase customer satisfaction, and create evangelists that drive more positive brand awareness.

Here at Tech Talent South, we disrupt the normal recruiting and hiring process by taking the average time to fill from 54 days to as little as 4 for direct or contract hire roles. Our goal is to put the best and brightest talent in front of our customers so they can focus on what matters most, keeping their business moving forward.

The future of tech is bright for organizations and job seekers, even during challenging times. To learn more about how we can help you build or grow your team, connect with our team here. We can’t wait to talk to you!

Interested in building your skills? Download a program overview for an upcoming course here or apply for a scholarship.

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