Meagan Michal, March 16, 2020 | 1 min read

Tech Talent South takes their Graduate Accelerator Online, Free to College Juniors & Seniors whose Campuses are Shut Down


College life is challenging, fun, and busy. But what happens when campuses close due to COVID-19?

Students are surely finding themselves with much more free time, with the pause button pushed on clubs, events, activities and even on-campus jobs. 

The team at Tech Talent South wants to give Juniors and Seniors in college the opportunity to make the most of that extra time they will have during social distancing. What better time to start thinking about your career after college?

To support students in their career goals, Tech Talent South is opening up a FREE, fully remote Graduate Accelerator Program in the beginning of April. It will be 8 weeks of class, and will set students up with a foundational full-stack language skillset: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Java.

Juniors and Seniors are welcome to apply to this highly competitive cohort. Watch the video below, and apply here.

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Not a college Junior or Senior, but still interested in this course? You are welcome to join at the standard tuition rate. Apply here!