Melissa Hellemn, November 5, 2019 | 1 min read

Student Spotlight: Melissa Hellemn

I decided to delve into coding after years of working for a cell phone company. I loved troubleshooting and fixing nit-pick quirks on customers phones. I studied a bit of JavaScript and practiced a few freecodecamp lessons. After a while I found myself losing focus because life and craving some structure. After a little bit of searching I enrolled in Tech Talent South.

This school has quickly found its way in my heart. I took their Full Time Code Immersion course and am now finishing up the Intro to Web Design class. Both have helped me gain new skills and a broader understanding in varying aspects of development. I can mock up a quick web page using Ruby, HTML and CSS, I can add APIs, and push cool things I’ve made to my GitHub like a pro.

I love that they host numerous tech events every week, both internally and for the public. I have heard talks from recruiters, graduates, start-ups and more. I’ve also had the pleasure of assisting in their Free Kids Code event and helped children learn to use HTML. I’ve been able to tour companies and made connections that I know I can carry with me as I continue to learn and grow into the developer I aspire to become.

None of this progress would have come so easily to me without having found Tech Talent South. I look forward to continuing to grow with TTS courses and tech events, and truly hope to be able to give back to our TTS community in some way very soon.