Kenneth Julian, January 1, 1970 | 1 min read

Student Spotlight: Kenneth Julian

My Tech Talent South experience has been absolutely amazing. This school has far exceeded my expectations. I thought to get a job it was all about the code, but here at Tech Talent South, I learned that it is about code but also about making connections and being human. Tech Talent South puts you right in the way of success by helping you set up your social media accounts, bringing in guest speakers who own or work at really big tech companies and are willing to help you succeed, hosting tech events for you to communicate with recruiters and other developers, giving you resume advice and much much more. Here at Tech Talent South I feet like I am more than just a student; I feel like I’m a part of a family. Everyone here from the staff to the instructors to the students really cares about your success. It is a very comfortable environment for someone who has never seen code before to ask questions. I am very grateful to be part of the Tech Talent South family. Before I even finished my course I had multiple interviews because of what I learned here. I have also been recommended by Tech Talent South to tech companies to aid in my job hunt and I am more than confident that I will land job very soon. I owe it all to Tech Talent South. Thank You!