Kenneth Julian, January 1, 1970 | 2 min read

Strategies To Help Retain Tech Talent

When it comes to tech talent, finding the perfect candidate is hard enough. Unfortunately, finding them is only half the battle. Tech talent is in high demand, and therefore many companies are actively hunting them down. If you want your tech talent to stick around, just hiring them on isn’t enough. You’ll need to really show them how much their work is appreciated, and there are a couple different ways that you can do this. Tech Talent South wants you to know these strategies to help retain tech talent to keep your company’s IT division strong.

Meet Salary Expectations

Now, money alone isn’t going to be enough to keep all your talent where you want them. However, to pretend like it’s not a huge factor would be doing yourself a disservice. Given how quickly the tech industry continues to grow, the demand for professionals is very high, thus leading to higher salaries. If your company isn’t keeping up with the industry standard, you’ll lose that new tech hire quicker than you’d expect.

Provide a Clear Promotion Path

Very few people will be satisfied to work in the same position forever. If your employees can’t see a way up from where they are, they’ll start looking elsewhere. Adopting a strategy of promoting lower-level employees to senior-level positions, rather than hiring straight into senior-level positions, gives your employees a clear upward trajectory for their career.

Engage With Personal Growth Opportunities

If your employees value their positions, the chances are good that they’ll want to improve themselves whenever they can. By providing growth opportunities, such as Tech Talent South’s corporate technology training, you can show how much you care about their personal and professional development. According to Forbes, businesses that keep their employees engaged in this way experience 59% less employee turnover.

Keep Benefits in Mind

Money is hardly the only motivator that employees value. When we’re talking about benefits, we don’t mean things such as game rooms and catered lunches. Focus instead on what really matters. This includes things such as good health benefits, sabbatical time for long-term employees, adequate paid leave, paid volunteer time, or covered travel expenses.

These strategies to help retain tech talent will allow you to hang on to those all-important employees. Remember that other companies will try to poach your best people, so it’s in your interest to incentivize them to stay. Tech Talent South wants your employees to have everything they need to grow at your company, so give us a call when it’s time to expand your team’s knowledge base.