Megan Bell, August 24, 2015 | 1 min read

root ‘movie#hackers’

My coding root, or the reason I’ve always wanted to become a coder, is the movie Hackers. I don’t exactly remember the plot, but I do remember the roller blading and their saving the world from a computer virus. The former is a favorite pastime of mine so I was already halfway there, right? When I heard that Tech Talent South had a class in Asheville I jumped at the chance to make my high school dreams come true (and gain some more marketable skills).

The curriculum covers a lot of material but it’s broken up into manageable chunks – One day you’re writing a Mad Lib program and the next you’re building a Star Wars database. One perk that comes with being a TTS graduate is that all the resources available to you as a student continue to be available after graduation. So you’ve still got the course materials, the networking connections and the opportunity to audit classes. I definitely plan to stay involved with the TTS community – Pop Up Code and meet ups are in my future!

I’m still blown away that I built programs that use APIs from Weather Underground and Google Maps. I did that! So maybe I left my roller blades back in the 90s and the programs I built for class might not save the world, but who knows what I’ll work on next!