Tia Pewitt, February 16, 2016 | 1 min read


What have I learned in 5 weeks of Tech Talent South?

I’ve learned a new way of thinking.  

I always considered myself a lifelong learner and thought I had a good approach to learning styles.  The ways that I’ve learned in the past do not always apply to coding and language immersion.  The curriculum builds in a way that starts out daunting but starts to build on itself, creating more “aha” moments as you go.  Once I got the hang of new topics I was able to build upon and make sense of older topics more easily.  There are times that you feel that it is impossible, when really there is a mental block you have to climb over!

I’ve learned how to ask questions and find answers.

There is a lot of self-motivated learning involved with coding. The instructor provided us with lots of answers as well as means to find the answers ourselves.  Once you get stuck and are able to find your way out, it is a glorious feeling!  Plus I’ve found my voice!  If I don’t understand, I ask.  Tech Talent South is a very cooperative environment, as well as a lot of the tech industry people we met during class lectures or tours.  It was refreshing to see the collaborative nature of an industry that is willing to help you grow the community.  Plus I’ve been exposed to so many local professionals that are willing to help you find your way!

I’ve learned new ways to apply to tech to my life and business ventures.

My background was mainly in hospitality – restaurant management, convention management, rental management, wedding and event specialists, caterer and entrepreneur.  My background was not math, not computers, not tech.  I was a bit scared to even try a new career after 15 years building a foundation in hospitality and service. I know that there are many directions you can take in this life and branching out was going to provide me with more opportunities, more income and more freedom.  What I’ve seen is that I can apply my skills from other industries and use tech to be even better!

And some coding!