Brandy James, May 20, 2016 | 1 min read


It’s crazy to think that my 8 weeks are almost up. Looking back to week one, I cringe at how naive I was to think I should actually understand something I had just heard, that was so foreign to me. I would come home and want to throw my computer across the room, with tears in my eyes, because I couldn’t get my homework done. I understand now that those were just normal feelings and part of the process that everyone goes through.

My start with this new endeavor was fueled by a raging determination to do better than what was previously given to me, then taken away by a local company. With my boyfriend being a TTS grad, and now an amazing Front End Dev. for a tech company here in Charlotte, I not only wanted to be the best for myself, but for him also. You see, I hate to fail. I have always been a quick learner. I always surpass expectation. That was, until I found this wonderful world of coding.

It took me weeks to realize that I wasn’t alone in these feelings. As the weeks went by, others were more comfortable openly saying in class that they were lost. They were not retaining everything. They were struggling with the same things I was… Oh the relief! I have come to really enjoy these roller coaster feelings of, “I get it!” to, “Oh my God I am so lost.”  Did you know there is an actual saying, “Nothing worth having comes easy?” Yeah, I’m sure you have and so have I, but it has never quite resonated until now. This is so worth it to me and I know it only gets better.

So, with the start of week 7, I do not feel like a coding ninja expert but I feel really confident in the foundation I now have and my ability to keep learning. I have expanded on what I already knew I loved, CSS and all things styling. And now, I am understanding how applications work and the process behind them. I am really excited about what I can do now and I can’t wait to get out in the world and do big things!