Karl Starnes, April 22, 2019 | 1 min read

Pulling Back The Curtain: A Digital Marketer’s Journey To The Other Side.

Landing page experience, meta descriptions, anchor text, page elements and so much more. These are factors that play into my job as a digital marketer every day, and have until now seemed to be hiding behind a curtain. These things impact ad performance, lead generation rates and are crucial for tracking. These pieces are crucial to the performance of a good campaign, but until recently I only had a cursory understanding of them. The Code Immersion course at Tech Talent South has been an opportunity for me to peer behind curtain of what makes a website tick.

The Code Immersion course at Tech Talent South has given me valuable insight into how websites are created. This is most obviously beneficial for SEO – the why and how to a website ranks organically in search engines. Being able to understand and implement changes on landing pages is also infinitely helpful for Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

The most immediate benefit has been being able to more easily identify and understand elements on a webpage for tracking purposes. A big part of my job is gathering data on very specific places on a client’s website and setting up that tracking relies completely on being able to identify what you want to track. Learning the language and nuts and bolts in this course has made this far easier.

The biggest benefit from this program has not simply been learning how each individual programming language works, but how they all come together and are used to build a website. This has given me valuable technical insight, but also interpersonal insight to better communicate changes to developers that will improve ROI or SEO rankings in a digital advertising campaign. Finally, in a pinch I can spin up my own landing page to help improve a campaign. The Code Immersion course has truly been an opportunity for me to look behind the curtain and gain valuable insight and skills to help me in my digital marketing career.