Romina Painter, February 5, 2015 | 2 min read

New Adventures

Well, I will start by telling you my name: Romina (Painter).

I’ve always loved technology and when I was about 11 years old I decided to learn some HTML and CSS by myself, and it was actually super fun. I loved it. Later on I became a big nerd and starting drawing and now I want to do both stuff with technology and sequential art.

It was just last week that I started my adventure at Tech Talent South as a new high school graduate, so I was super curious of what was to yet come. It was not that easy at first, waking up super early was not anything new, since I am a mormon (LDS member) I woke up every morning and go to seminary anyways. So I drove with my dad to Parkard Place. Eventually I got used to it.

I’ve always liked decorating things, ALL THE THINGS, but I have never done programming, or at least ACTUAL programming. 

I came into TTS with some knowledge of things, but it was going to be my first time putting anything into practice and making some magic happen. I was scared.

When I entered I was not surprised to see that I was the youngest in the class, but I was excited it was something new!

I came to find out that everyone was really nice and I ended up becoming close to some.

One thing I have come to learn is that some of us come from completely different backgrounds, and some we are on the same level in the class. Obviously, there is a bunch of smart people in the program.

I had a chance to help with Kids Code and it reminded me of when I was little and felt so cool learning HTML, even though I didn’t really know it was HTML. I just thought I was being awesome. 

It has been kind of busy too! Because I have been trying to balance my time over my webcomic and programming. If I work on my comic it takes so long! If I program it ALSO takes a long time to get something done. When both things are a goal, time-managing comes in handy. I suck at time-managing. I have been a regular teenager this entire time to actually take into mind that schedules are super important, even though dad nagged me about it for years and I always ignored it. Now I’m stressed, whoo!

I am super happy at Tech Talent South because I feel super welcome every morning and if I don’t understand something and ask they help me a lot! And then I ask for help again, and again…It’s okay they say they don’t mind. 

It is amazing to have those “mind-blown” moments, I get those all the time, it makes me feel accomplished and that I am actually putting forth something super cool in my life. 🙂