Mike Cuddy, May 6, 2015 | 1 min read

Moving Right Along

I have now finished my second week with Tech Talent South and the learning adventure continues! The learning has continued to be non-stop and we are moving at a good pace.  This whole week has been devoted to learning Ruby. We started with the basic stuff: how to use puts and gets.chomp. From there we moved into learning if/then statements and into loops and then into methods, classes and objects. Every day we have learned how to write additional programs with our new skills.

From my perspective, it seemed that even though we were learning a lot of new information, the instructors were always patient with us. If someone did have a problem, they would look over their code, find the problem and then explain what the problem was. There was numerous times where this happened to me.

It was also not just coding that we covered during the week. We also had some guest speakers come in to talk about the tech community as well as some basic information about starting a start-up. These speakers included Tricia Whitlock from Hypepotamus and Chris Turner and Justin Richards from 10 Rocket. Thus, we are not just learning to code but also obtaining connections in the tech community and learning more about how to apply the skills we have learned toward development of a start-up.

As we move into the third week, I am excited to get into rails and see where those adventures will take me. I am constantly going over my new skills and working to improve them. The only problem is that there never seems to be enough time in the day to code!

(Note: this post is an on-going series from Atlanta Full-Time student, Mike Cuddy)