Alisha Browne, August 3, 2016 | 1 min read

Moments of Significance

Alisha is enrolled in the Raleigh Summer 2016 Intro to Web Design & Creation program.

You know when you get that “a-ha” moment?  The kind where something just clicks and it’s so satisfying?  That has been, by far, my favorite part of embarking on this TTS course.  Now 5 weeks in, I entered the program with some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS that started back in high school…was expanded on through college…and then allowed to get rusty.  What I’ve learned over the past five weeks has not only given me confidence in my recent career change, but brought a new excitement to the surface that I haven’t felt about my job in quite a long time.

I chose to commute to Raleigh from Wilmington once a week to take this class. Although I was very anxious before the first week, as soon as I arrived, I knew committing had been the right choice. The class is small yet diverse, and the instructor clearly has an excitement for the knowledge that he is imparting on us as students.  For anyone that is hesitant to dive into something like this – I understand.  However, I’m also confident in saying that you can do it.  Learning a new skill is so rewarding, regardless of what you plan to do with it!  The “a-ha” moments and the thrill of learning is the good stuff, and every time this happens, my confidence to design and develop a stunning website (well, hopefully many stunning websites) flourishes.