Alajuwon Thomas, January 17, 2017 | 1 min read

Just ask!

Hi, my name is Alajuwon Thomas and I attend the Tech Talent South Code Immersion course in Atlanta, GA.

My first week at Tech Talent South was very informative. I got to know a few things about the students in my cohort and the instructor. In week one we covered a lot of material –  front-end web development material with languages such as HTML and CSS. We also learned about Bootstrap, which does some pretty cool things when it comes to your web page layout. And we learned how to navigate around GitHub and push our projects to Heroku! One thing I like about the instructor is he teaches at a pace that’s not too slow or too fast. Of course, there were some things I didn’t understand, but with the help of my classmates and the instructor I caught on to it. Another helpful tool is the slides the instructor provides us with on the TTS portal. Those are a great reference and come in handy during homework time.

The environment is awesome and big enough to work in different areas. The people are super friendly, they have plenty of coffee, and the Community Organizer Katie is very very cool! She’s there for you no matter what, whether you have a question or need directions anywhere or if you just want to talk – she’s the right person. I pretty much already feel like this is a great decision I’ve made and it’s only been a week. I see a huge progression in my work and I feel good about helping others that may have a few bumps they’re trying to get over. Once upon a time I hated asking questions in class just because I feared what others would’ve thought, then I realized that also slowed me down a lot from being able to understand everything. I feel very comfortable here at TTS and that’s what makes the learning much more fun. So please please ask as many questions as you can. Overall, after this first week I was amazed with what I learned and what I could do with writing code. I look forward to the upcoming weeks.