Ali Osman, September 21, 2015 | 1 min read

Journey of Your Lifetime

First, I am 100% proud that I joined Tech Talent South! As a student who is going for a Bachelors in Computer Science, I have gained a whole lot of experience in the field of web development with TTS. I know for sure that I have learned WAY more through this program than I would have in school.

I had a choice on whether I should stay in school or join Tech Talent South. Even though I made it difficult to choose between the two, I knew which path was the right path and I know that the path I chose is the brightest path I have ever walked through. I am glad I took the semester off from college and joined Tech Talent South as a scholarship winner that was awarded by Skookum.

What we learned at Tech Talent South was a lot, and it was very clear to understand everything because the instructors are amazing and the way they taught was incredible. Everyone, from the students to the co-founders, will always be there for you if you need help or have any questions. It’s just absolutely amazing and the best experience I have ever received.

I was taken into shock when I realized that I was learning way more than I had anticipated within 2 weeks of starting. I honestly don’t see anyone EVER regretting joining TTS. When you join Tech Talent South, you WILL learn to code in the BEST possible way, and you WILL Do Something Big with the skills you obtain. It’s an incredible journey you wish will never end.