Chris Willis, November 16, 2015 | 1 min read

I Dream In Code

About six months ago, I was in need of a change, an adjustment, a something, anything to reenergize my career. I’d been thinking about code for a while, and I’ve always had a sleuth-like mentality when it came to websites. What is this “source code” and how can I manipulate it to make it my own? Alas, I made it through my semester of computer science in high school and never looked at source code again.  That was ten years ago, and here I was needing the aforementioned change and I was directed toward Tech Talent South through my fiancee who knew someone connected to it.

It didn’t take long after talking to Zach, then Andrew, then Erin (all of whom had wonderful insights into the world of code) before I realized that this is what I needed. Here I am four weeks into the course and have a new lust for life. Walid has been an incredible teacher and mentor, helping guide our class through new and exciting projects. Every day after class, my classmates and I are eager to stick around and talk code, collaborate, and build on what we’ve learned. Tech Talent South is the change I needed – nay, the change I deserved.

Oh yeah, and that whole dreaming in code thing is real: think the Matrix but instead a bunch of numbers, it’s lines of code.