Angela Maida, August 20, 2020 | 5 min read

How to Fast Track Your Career in Tech

As technology rapidly advances and companies grow larger, the need for employees in tech will expand to meet demands. If you want to impress big technology companies so that you can jump into the field as soon as possible, it’s time for you to learn how to fast track your tech career. Depending on the stage of your career, your method will differ. Consider these strategies to launch a new career in technology or hone your existing skills to heighten your prospects in tech ranging form software development to data science and beyond.

Expertise over Degrees

Tech Talent South allows you to gather the skills you need for a stellar tech career without the time spent at a college or university. Choose from various programs including coding bootcamps for an assortment of programming languages. We also offer immersion classes, which, unlike some college courses, provide you with direct learning for the skills that you will need in your dream workplace. After you complete our programs, we have the industry connections you need to ignite your tech career. 

Still not convinced about the opportunity to accelerate your tech career without pursuing a degree? Almost half (49 percent) of the 2.3 million IT job postings surveyed in 2017 did not list a four-year degree as a minimum requirement for candidates. While obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a technology field might help you find a higher ranking career in tech faster, it is not a requirement. Many companies that hire tech professionals will provide you with the training you need to advance through the field. To some companies, the experience you will gain from working as a tech expert may be even more valuable than a degree.

Continuous Learning

A career in technology is the perfect avenue for those who are hungry to keep learning and honing their craft. As the single biggest driver of digital transformation, there is always a new realm to explore in tech. Tech Talent South knows how important a foundational base of knowledge is, but if you want to stand out, there are plenty of ways to increase your skills and expertise. We provide an extensive database of supplementary learning modules to help you expand and round out your skillset. By adding specialties like AWS, API Services, React Native, and Java to your toolkit, you position yourself to fill a highly in-demand niche that can provide better solutions to clients.

Seek Out Every Opportunity

Whether you’ve just completed one of our programs or are ready to amplify your tech career right away, Tech Talent South is uniquely positioned to help you find the ideal placement. With our extensive ecosystem of students, businesses, and corporate partners, we provide the connections you need to find the right fit.

Along with our programs and networking opportunities, there are a few things you can do to boost your chances at landing your elevated career in tech:

  1. Remember to paint yourself in the best light when writing cover letters or adding touch-ups to your resumé. While your resumé should detail why you are qualified for the job, it also must be simple and easy for employers to read. 
  2. Consider what the job requires before you attach your resumé and focus your content on the key qualities the company desires.
  3. Add personal touches to your cover letters before sending them to companies.
  4. Proofread anything you write for errors.
  5. Update your portfolio regularly so that you are always presenting your latest and highest quality work.

Consider Your Key Locations

When starting any career, focus on locations where you would be comfortable working. Think about how far you would like to commute or where you would like to move. While there are often many options to work in any city, some cities are larger hubs for the tech industry than others. Some companies will even offer remote work. If you are looking for a big change in your life, consider moving closer to a city that has a booming technology industry in your desired field. This proximity will connect you with new peers and mentors in that city’s tech community.

Social Media Tips

Technology is advancing to the point where your various social media accounts can be useful to potential employers. Many employers use sites like LinkedIn as another checkpoint in the hiring process, much like a portfolio or resumé. Keep a LinkedIn account updated with your resumé information to accurately advertise yourself and your goals. Utilize industry connections you have already made by connecting with these individuals on LinkedIn. The technology industry is a closely knit group and hiring is often done via referral from other members.

In addition to LinkedIn, make sure that your other accounts are work-appropriate. Employers may also use Facebook to scan you for extra information. Keep a professional account that is separate from your personal account to share articles that reflect your work ethic and skills. Remember that social media can be a place to share any previous development work you have already done. Putting your achievements on display shows that you have been working in the field even throughout your job search.

Expand Your Hiring Options

Staffing agencies are additional tools for you to utilize while figuring out how to fast track your tech career. Companies looking to hire reliable talent will often reach out to an information technology staffing agency such as Tech Talent South. We do the heavy lifting of making connections so that you can find a career path you will thrive in. Not all staffing agencies offer classes in addition to career help, but Tech Talent South goes above and beyond to connect you with opportunities with our network of hiring partners after you graduate from our programs. Using our industry connections, we can help you find the right fit for your goals.

Stay Confident

The most powerful tool in your toolbox will always be a positive mental attitude. Not only does staying confident improve your daily mood, but employers will see your confidence as a plus when considering hiring you. Remember that you are capable and that you will get training from your potential employer even if you lack professional experience. This confidence, in addition to all your other qualifications, will set you on a path for success.

Those who can code efficiently will always be essential to the technology industry. If you are smart about utilizing the skills you already have and proactive about the skills you want to learn, you will open doors to opportunities you hadn’t previously known were there. Even if you are a beginner, the tech industry may not be as difficult to jump into as you think—it all starts with taking the first step, like scheduling a free consultation to discuss your goals or joining a program offered at Tech Talent South.