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How To Choose a Staff Augmentation Partner

When the time has come to start augmenting your staff, you’re going to want to make sure you can trust that staff after you hire them. The best way to make sure your augmented staff will be trustworthy is to partner with the right staff augmentation agency. This is where Tech Talent South comes in. When you want to be absolutely sure that you’re choosing the right agency for your business, this article will give you everything you need to know about how to choose a staff augmentation partner. In doing so, we hope to show you how partnering with Tech Talent South can be a huge benefit to your company.

Understand the Staff You Need

The very first step you’ll want to take care of is assessing your business and the staffing needs that lie within. Carefully evaluating your business’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial to ensure you know what you need to fill the existing gaps in staffing. If your staff has a weakness when it comes to a specific language, that’s something that Tech Talent South can help with, but you’ll need to have that information ready in order to fix the problem. Make sure you regularly check in with your managers, as well as the HR department to not only find places where you need to improve but also places where you excel. This will keep you from taking on staff that you don’t really need.

Choose a Provider That Serves Your Specific Market

It won’t matter which agency you choose if they don’t operate where your company does. Whether you have a small market that is only in one section of the country or you have markets all over the world, you’ll need to be sure that the agency you choose serves those markets. The right agency will not only have contacts in that market but will have the experience needed to operate in that market efficiently and effectively. You don’t want to mix agencies and staffing from different areas, especially if your company is large. This will only lead to confusion and disarray that won’t actually help your bottom line at all.

Do Your Research Into the Staffing Partner’s Experience

You can almost treat finding a new staffing partner in a similar manner as finding a new full-time employee. You wouldn’t hire somebody that you haven’t vetted, given an extensive background check, and assessed their experience level. Just as you would call the previous employers of a potential employee, try to get in contact with past clients of the staffing agency to gauge their level of satisfaction. We understand that our word only goes so far, especially when it comes to something as important as augmenting your staff. That’s why we invite you to contact our previous clients to hear about how much of a positive impact Tech Talent South has had on their company.

Understand the Partner’s Communication Practices

When it comes to augmenting staff, communication between all parties is paramount to success. You’ll want to know how your potential partner communicates information between parties, especially if the augmented staff you will be using will be working remotely. Without proper communication, you will not be able to complete the right work or meet deadlines. Make sure your partner has the channels necessary to always stay in contact with your augmented staff, and really focus on the speed at which those communications take place. If a project needs to suddenly change or a timeline is accelerated, you want all your staff to know about it as soon as possible. Tech Talent South strives to be in close contact with our partners as often as we can, so we always know what we need to communicate with them and when.

Inquire About Information Security

The right staffing agency for your business is going to be one that takes the safety and security of your practices and data seriously. The last thing you want is a data leak that could irrevocably hurt your business. A reputable company like Tech Talent South will make sure that any NDAs that need to go into effect are handled properly and that your temporary staff has undergone a thorough background check. When it comes to your intellectual property, you can’t afford to take chances. That’s why it’s crucial that the staffing agency you choose is just as committed to IT security as you are.

Make Sure They Have Flexible Contracts

A lesser staffing agency is going to be one that uses the same plan for every company they try to help. What you need to be on the lookout for is an agency that works within your specific parameters in order to find the perfect fit for you. If you’re only offered one kind of contract with little room for flexibility, you defeat part of the purpose of bringing on temporary staff, to begin with. You’re bringing on this new staff in order to fill a gap in knowledge or skillsets. They should slot in exactly where you need them, not where the agency decides to place them.

Can They Work Within Your Timelines?

If you need to fill a specific position right away, you don’t want to wait for your staffing agency to take its time choosing the right candidates for you. When you’re on strict timelines, you need to be able to trust in a partner that will find you the people you need, when you need them. An agile agency that’s quick on its feet will be able to fill your open roles in the time that is allotted to them. Don’t be afraid to ask how long a staffing solution will take. This information is key to knowing how the augmented staff will fit into the timeline of your project.

We hope that seeing how to choose a staff augmentation partner has made you consider what is most important to your business and how we can help. When it comes to IT staff augmentation, Tech Talent South provides the most qualified candidates, time after time, right when you need them most. We encourage you to contact us so we can begin helping your company find the staff it needs. Our relationship with our partners is the most important thing to us. However we can help you finish your projects or find the people you need, we’ll be ready to assist.

How To Choose a Staff Augmentation Partner