Tina Hamilton, March 4, 2016 | 2 min read

Happy Coding

Wow!  I started this journey to get closer to my goal of becoming a successful web developer.  I have learned more in the past 6 weeks than in 2 years of college.  It has been challenging in a good way, pushes you to the edge of your comfort zone.  Our cohort continues to make each day a good day.  These folks are insanely intelligent, with great personalities and a willingness to work together in class and outside of class.  The instructors are just as eager for you to succeed as you are.  They will take the time you need to help you understand.  You just have to ask and they are there.

The information is delivered in a very brisk way and sometimes is a little hard to follow.  One more reason I am thankful for my cohort.  It is very important that you be willing to work together and share information openly.  They call it boot camp for a reason.  And you must be willing to read and apply yourself outside of class.  The one thing I have learned from this class is that coding is something you learn and test, and learn, and test, and test and learn.  Coding is something where you learn how it works and you keep learning as long as you are coding.  Coding is a continuous search for how to do something better and more efficiently.  It is an ever-changing world of information and software.  Don’t blink or you may miss what was hot in development this week.  Software comes and goes and languages evolve and renew and the internet is your best friend.

We are faced with the last two weeks of our immersion into coding and it has been a wild ride.  There has been lots of laughter and some tears.  But it has been an incredible experience.  I am looking forward to developing and presenting our project.  It is crunch time, time to show what you know and learn what you need to get to the end of this project.  I am sure any coder reading this fully understands the feeling.  I am grateful for the time I have been allowed to spend with such a great group of folks.  My faith in humanity has been restored.  There are great people in the world interested in helping others and allowing others to help them.

The key to coding is keep going.  Read the documentation, test it and make sure to celebrate all the little victories.  It is a process of breaking it and making it work again, until you understand all the ways you can break it.