Amber Worley, August 25, 2023 | 3 min read

From Opera to Tech: The Inspiring Journey of Jessica Lair

Title: Success Story, Jessia Lair. Image of Jessica, blonde hair, leather jacket, smiling

Are you searching for an extraordinary success story that encapsulates the life-changing potential of a career shift? Allow us to introduce Jessica Lair, a former opera singer who transformed her narrative from music to technology, guided by the influential mentorship of Tech Talent and Strategy (TTS). This captivating tale of transition led Jessica to become the COO of the Sonic Sphere and the Director of Engineering at Sephora. Join us on this remarkable journey as we explore Jessica’s story, the invaluable role of TTS, and her passion for the awe-inspiring Sonic Sphere.

A Quest for New Beginnings

Jessica’s life story was set against the backdrop of the foster system, but her love for opera provided a beacon of hope. Witnessing her first opera at the tender age of nine ignited a lifelong passion. Music became more than an art form; it became a means of tracing her roots and connecting with her biological family. Her determination was unwavering, shaping her path until an unforeseen obstacle—a vocal polyp—threatened her musical aspirations. As her dreams of becoming an opera singer were dashed, Jessica faced the daunting task of charting a new course for herself.

Discovering a Passion for Tech

Through unwavering determination, Jessica embarked on a journey of reinvention, finding a new calling in the realm of technology. Inspired by her friends’ experiences in computer science, she began exploring the world of coding. It was during this exploration that she encountered Tech Talent and Strategy (TTS). Jessica’s enrollment in TTS’s Ruby on Rails immersion class proved transformative, sparking her interest in backend development and coding. This newfound passion, coupled with her creative spirit, aligned perfectly with her quest to impact lives through technology.

Tech Talent and Strategy: The Catalyst for Transformation

At TTS, Jessica found not only technical education but also a community that nurtured collaboration and innovation. The training emphasized peer programming and teamwork, values that Jessica carried forward into her subsequent roles. TTS became more than a coding boot camp; it was the foundation upon which she built her thriving tech career.

The Sonic Sphere: Bridging Music and Technology

Central to Jessica’s journey is her role as the COO of the Sonic Sphere—a project that seamlessly intertwines her love for music and technology. The Sonic Sphere is a revolutionary concept that reimagines the concert experience. Picture a 360-degree spherical concert hall where immersive sound technology and custom LED lights converge to create an otherworldly auditory and visual encounter. Jessica’s journey with the Sonic Sphere began at Burning Man in Nevada, where she stumbled upon the awe-inspiring installation. The moment she entered the Sphere, she felt an inexplicable connection—this was where her passions for music and technology converged.

A Symphony of Passion and Dedication

Jessica’s involvement with the Sonic Sphere is more than a professional venture; it’s a personal calling. As the COO, she helps orchestrate an experience that touches people on a profound level. The Sphere goes beyond mere entertainment; it’s a conduit for evoking emotions, triggering memories, and inspiring change. Through her role, Jessica seeks to promote empathy, collaboration, and shared experiences in a world often dominated by isolating technology.

Embracing Challenges and Turning Doubts into Fuel

Despite her remarkable journey, Jessica doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the persistent imposter syndrome she battles. Her history of self-reliance and childhood challenges, coupled with imposter syndrome, drive her to achieve more, learn more, and shatter any self-imposed limitations. It’s a testament to her resilience and inner strength that she channels these doubts into motivation, emerging stronger each time.

Charting Your Own Path: Advice from Jessica

For those considering a career change to tech, Jessica’s message is clear: Just do it! She encourages individuals to overcome financial concerns and explore coding challenges online to gauge their interest. She explains how the return on investment is so much greater than the initial cost and learning to code is accessible to anyone with the willingness to put in the effort, and imposter syndrome should never hinder personal growth.

Jessica’s story exemplifies the transformative potential of seizing new opportunities and embracing change. Her partnership with TTS helped her leverage her passion for technology and music into a flourishing career as the COO of the Sonic Sphere and the Director of Engineering at Sephora. If you’re seeking inspiration, look no further than Jessica Lair, an opera singer turned tech dynamo, whose journey illustrates the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to embrace change.

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