Sydney Stern Miller, February 23, 2021 | 2 min read

From Economics to Applications

With a background in Economics and a passion for business, economics, and human behavior – Veronica joined Tech Talent South this year to learn Full Stack with a concentration in Java. We sat down with Veronica to learn more about her experience.


From Veronica’s Instructor: 

Veronica was a star student as a result of her tenacity and creativity. 

I was always impressed by her ability to dig in and explore new concepts 

in a hands-on way. She has a strong drive for learning and always brings a 

refreshing approach to the table. I’m sure she’ll excel wherever she ends up.


What were you doing before TTS?

I have a social science background. My field of study was Economics, and I am fascinated with businesses, economies, and human behavior.


What course(s) did you take with TTS?

I took the Full Stack Java course full-time because I knew that the best way to learn a new language is by having a complete immersion experience. I wanted to focus completely on learning new skills.


Tell us about your favorite project!

One of my favorite projects was a Java homework assignment where I created a bookstore, outputted the store information, and displayed book titles pulled from an array list. This was a simple assignment, but it was one of my favorites because I used my new Java skills to create something that I could relate to. Being able to program something that displayed the correct information gave me a little thrill. It was like magic.


What have you learned about yourself over the past year?

What I have learned about myself over the past year is that I can push myself to the limit and then burst through that limit to do even more. There were many late nights, but I loved every minute of it.


What are your personal and career goals for the future? Dream job?

My dream job involves a lot of creativity, designing, building, and research. Leaping out of bed, excited for the day to come is the ultimate experience.


What projects are you working on now?

My current project is an app that helps improve alertness and concentration. It is a work in progress.


When you’re not coding, what do you like to do in your spare time?

When not coding, I spend time outdoors walking and birding. Birding makes me feel peaceful and connected to nature.


What is your favorite quote, mantra, or piece of advice?

“Rejection is God’s protection.” I heard this a long time ago and never forgot it. This is comforting to know when feeling discouraged.


What is one meal you ate as a kid that you still love and eat today?

I ate ramen when I was a kid, and I still enjoy a hot bowl of ramen even now.


Name a woman (or women) past or present, whom you admire or look up to.
Mae C. Jemison – American engineer, physician, and former NASA astronaut. She became the first black woman to travel into space aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour.



LAST QUESTION! What would you tell yourself ten to twenty years ago that you wish you knew then?

I would tell myself to enjoy life as much as possible in the present because it is so much to look back on the fun memories you created.



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