Eduardo Gonzalez, MBA, June 27, 2018 | 1 min read

Dumb excuses I made before I found my new passion.

“I‘m already over 30″, “I already went to school”, “I do not have time”, “It is not really for me

Sound familiar?

It’s funny, when I went to business school, everything was about place, product, financial studies and how to create strategies to achieve goals. I believed that technology was only a tool for that and never appreciated the universe of development. Until one afternoon I met Cassandra, the organizer of the community for Tech Talent South in New Orleans. I remember her energy that day and how my attention was drawn to the accelerated growth in the city and the possibilities she mentioned. I thought that it was a topic that perhaps I should devote a little more research.

In a matter of weeks I heard from Cassandra again but this time it was with the great news that I was granted a scholarship for the Immerse Coding Camp. BOOM! GAME CHANGER!

It was a bit intimidating in the beginning, days before the course I received multiple calls and emails from different TTS people and they all had some type of information or steps to follow but they were always very attentive, patient and kind.

From the beginning everything was very fast, I felt that my mind was going at a thousand miles per hour but after a couple of days, a lot of dedication and with the determination and drive of my instructor, something that was completely out of this world began to make sense. It was like being able to read hieroglyphics! The feeling was satisfying and addictive. The information of the courses is so effective and easy to understand that it only gave me desire to learn more!

Being part of the TTS family is a pleasure and point of pride. TTS is an institution that cares about its members and the development of the community. With TTS I have had the opportunity to volunteer as an instructor of HTML and RUBY, to attend networking events, corporation visits, and within a week of finishing the course I have already expanded my freelance business developing a personalized web application for a local company!

If you think “It is not really for me.” I challenge you to take a leap of faith because, Tech Talent South will helped you find your new passion!