Meagan Michal, June 13, 2019 | 1 min read

Coding for Autistic Professionals in Raleigh

Tech Talent South recently announced that they will be training a selection of their students to be “Peer Navigators” for classmates with autism in their coding boot camp in Raleigh. The goal of this program will be to integrate students on the spectrum into the classroom and provide navigation for them to step into coding careers.

Tech Talent South has long been known for its inclusivity and accessibility. The woman-owned and led tech education company is actively offering solutions for companies to break through traditional recruitment, diversify their technical teams, and contribute to their city’s economic mobility outlook.

“From our experience, students with autism are more than able to become incredible developers by taking on our curriculum, but the extra social demands of a typical classroom atmosphere could create barriers to their success. That is why we have partnered with Advocations to provide a way for people on the spectrum to shine in our classroom and their future career.” – Meagan Michal, Marketing Manager at Tech Talent South

Advocations, the expert on creating inclusive working environments for professionals with disabilities, will be leading a training for “Peer Navigators” to learn how to recognize and be attentive to the social support their classmates may need. They will also be a career support network for the autistic students who graduate from the boot camp.

Also partnering on this initiative is the City of Raleigh’s Economic Development Department with their Raleigh4U Impact Partner Grant. The goal of the Impact Partner Grant Program is to join forces with local organizations on a mission to create a more equitable and sustainable impact throughout Raleigh’s innovation.

Do you or someone you know on the spectrum have an interest in learning to code? Use this link to apply: