Fall 2023

Unleashing Sales and Marketing Potential with ChatGPT

In this dynamic 3-hour workshop, delve into the transformative power of ChatGPT in elevating your sales and marketing strategies to unprecedented heights.

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October 25th — October 25th

Days & Time

W, 6-9pm ET







Class Overview

One of the most difficult parts about a career in marketing is keeping up to date with the voice of your customers, not all marketing teams have the data analytics and computational capacity to conduct advanced marketing analytics constantly. If you’re a professional in marketing or someone looking to start a career in marketing, let’s explore how ChatGPT and other LLMs can help you stay ahead of the game with improved market analytics and market research.This workshop will cover consumer sentiment analysis, content generation, segmentation, competitor analysis, predictive analytics, customer support and survey design using ChatGPT’s Natural Language Processing ability and added computational capacity to supplement your work.

Who This Class Is For

Anyone looking to learn more about leveraging ChatGPT for their sales and marketing processes or to learn more about AI in general.

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