In this blog, I am going to be going over five of the most common mistakes an individual makes when in the market for a new job. The goal of this is to help you realize your full potential, help you build a clear path, and get you the job of your dreams! 


Job searching is a difficult period of any career. Uncertainty abounds, and we often have more questions than answers. Should I leave my current job? What kind of position would fit my skills? How do I find an organization with an inclusive corporate culture? What type of job should I accept? 

With contract work becoming increasingly common, many jobs out there are contract or contract-to-hire, which means the position may result in a permanent position once the contract is over. But getting into contract work can be confusing if you’ve never taken a contract position before. Here is some basic information about contract jobs that you should know before accepting one:

Keeping those facts in mind, there are many reasons you might choose to accept a contract position. Let’s talk about some of the unique opportunities contract work offers.


Video interviews are a great way to connect with candidates who are planning to relocate to a new city, who are unable to travel for an interview or simply as a way to make contact on shorter notice than an in-person interview allows for. During the COVID-19 pandemic, while many offices are closed and employees are working from home, video interviews have all but replaced in-person interviews. A survey in late April 2020 found that 86% of organizations were conducting interviews remotely

Of course, with most organizations primarily conducting in-person interviews prior to this sudden change, the transition has not been an easy one. Virtual interviews have their own etiquette and social conventions just as in-person interviews do. 

With the extra challenges that come with conducting interviews virtually, you need to nail the tiny details to set your job candidates at ease and find the perfect person for the job. Here are seven tips to help your remote interviews go off without a hitch. 


Today we’re going to answer a question that so many people are wondering about now that the world has primarily moved online: Is it worth it for me to become an online instructor?

Online instruction has always existed, but 2020 has made it as popular as toilet paper (too soon?). The shift to working from home has also opened up doors for more businesses to move their services online, opening up their products to not just other parts of the country, but the world!

So you may be wondering, as someone with a skill – is being an online instructor worth it? What are the pros and cons? What do I need to do to get started?