Keith Bachand, May 25, 2016 | 1 min read

Building Blocks

Early on we learn that things build on top of another to equal something great. Programming is exactly that! You must understand the fundamentals before advancing. From day one, our instructor Lee, which by the way is amazing at what he does, let us all know it’s a process and things won’t make sense at first but once we see the big picture it will. He was exactly right! We started with the fundamentals of Ruby, HTML and CSS, and then transitioned to the Rails framework where it all (now) makes sense. This week we’re learning JavaScript and putting final touches on our applications!

I signed up for the course so I could gain enough knowledge to make a career change. As we enter week seven I feel I’m ready for a job and the TTS staff is more than happy to help with the transition! We’ve toured companies to see what it’s really like to work in the industry as well as had some great guest speakers! This is all very important while trying to make a career change.

I had very limited knowledge about web development prior to starting the course and couldn’t get a functional app up and running. Now I can!  My portfolio is up and running and I’m adding to it daily. The course offers so much more than just learning Ruby on Rails. You learn to collaborate and work with git, touch on database management and even get into testing. You truly are molded into a full stack developer.

Early on I realized there are many layers to becoming a web developer. From being resourceful and being able to read documentation to learning to love errors! It’s all part of becoming a developer. This truly has been an amazing two months and I can’t wait to build big things and begin my new career!