Meagan Michal, June 21, 2018 | 1 min read

A Letter from TTS Kid Genius – Meet Timothy

We don’t often let kids into our adult coding courses. However, every now and then someone blows us away. Check out our amazing student, Timothy!



Timothy and his brothers started a small coding shop called Bug Zero. (You will want to click that link. You’re welcome.)

He recently wrote us an email. Grab your tissues, and get ready for the sweetest and most motivating letter message you’ve read all week!

Good morning Tech Talent Team,

One year ago, I walked into HQ excited, grateful, and thankful I would be learning more about code. 

This was a very very amazing experience! The speakers who visited the class made me realize that technology has changed the face of every profession and kids do not know that. 

I told my mom I wanted to encourage kids to learn how to code and she agreed with me. I started with my brothers, which was great!

I visited several schools, coding clubs, and local libraries in the community and told kids

Everyone Can Code including kids!

It has been amazing to hear a lot of kids share their perspective to problem-solving using code.

I have written a picture book which will soon be out to encourage younger kids to learn how to code. 

We are working on a coding workshop soon. 

This will help kids give coding a thought and get excited about coding.

Every kid loves to play games on devices. I want them to know they can create their own games and share it with the world which is so cool!

They can solve problems around the home, school, and community using code.

I will be speaking at a meet-up soon.

It has been an amazing journey. I love it! I want to say thank you to the Tech Talent Team for giving me this opportunity. 

Everything that has happened is because Tech Talent Team said yes.

I still want to learn more so I can continue to give back in many more ways. I hope to see you all face-to-face someday in the future to say a big THANK YOU! 


Timothy Amadi
Bug Zero

“Family is not who you live with, it’s who you make sacrifices for” – Timothy Amadi