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For cities, municipalities, or schools looking to enable their staff, students, citizens or local businesses in the field of tech. Are you looking for affordable tech education in Georgia? At Tech Talent and Strategy, we serve individuals and organizations of all scales by providing accessible and quality tech education. Our comprehensive programs are designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in the tech industry. Whether you’re a company seeking skilled professionals or an aspiring tech enthusiast, we’re here to bridge the gap and provide you with the knowledge and resources you need. Access to our diverse talent pipelines fuels growth, fosters innovation, and promotes diversity in the technology sector. Join us now and benefit from our affordable tech education programs in Georgia. We tailor these programs to your needs to help you unlock new career opportunities and thrive in the rapidly evolving tech sector. Your future in tech starts here at Tech Talent and Strategy; get started now!

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The instructors make it their job to help you meet your custom goals. My classmates ranged from aspiring developers to entrepreneurs to designers. Our end goals were different, but we all worked together and learned the same technologies.
The courses allowed me to learn a variety of languages and build marketable projects in a short amount of time. After a few months, I was comfortable completing full-stack applications on my own. After 8 total months at Tech Talent South, I was able to apply my skills and secure a job as a software developer at a large retail company.
Now that I've graduated from TTS, I can realize my dream in software development. I am going to be working at one of the largest insurance companies in the nation, which I never could have accomplished without TTS.
TTS makes it easy for students with no prior programming experience to understand and grasp what is being taught. They really care about your success and make sure you are getting the most out of your time at TTS by helping you achieve your goals. If you are thinking about attending a course at Tech Talent South, do it! You won’t regret it.
I would recommend TTS to anyone who wants a community-based organization that cares about your career growth in the tech field.
I've worked in partnership with, and hired graduates from TTS. They work quickly, learn and iterate, and drive incredible quality graduates into the workforce.
I started with just a mere interest in programming and came out of the course having learned and accomplished more than I had imagined. That in itself would be enough for me to recommend TTS, but the people make it even BETTER.

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Software Engineer


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Adrian M.

Tech Talent & Strategy Alumnus

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Tech Talent & Strategy Alumna

John Espey

CEO/co-founder of Defiance Ventures & founder of Amentra (now a part of the Red Hat family)

Tellina O.

Tech Talent & Strategy Alumna

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