Sydney Stern Miller, April 20, 2021 | 3 min read

9 Tech Companies Doing Great Big Things for Planet Earth

This year marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, a yearly holiday designated to increasing awareness of environmental problems, engaging the public in being more conscious of these issues, and more recently it’s become a day for communities to band together and help the earth in grassroots ways.

This year we want to highlight a handful of tech and tech-adjacent organizations doing their part to protect our planet. In addition to supporting and following these organizations, there are an endless number of ways that you and your family can participate in Earth Day this year. Start by checking out the official Earth Day website You can also find a number of Earth Day tips that you can do at home here.




Website | Linkedin | Instagram: @1percentftp | Twitter: @1PercentFTP

A membership program for businesses and individuals, allowing them to donate 1% of their gross yearly profits or salary back to environmental nonprofits to create a healthier planet.

It all started when two businessmen met and bonded over their shared love for the outdoors. Realizing their responsibility to protect our planet, they decided to give 1% of their sales back to the environment—whether or not they were profitable.

In 2002, Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, created 1% for the Planet and started a global movement.



Website | Linkedin | Instagram: @ecologi_hq | Twitter: @ecologi_hq

Think of it as a monthly subscription service to plant trees to offset your personal (or family’s) carbon footprint. Help the planet from your sofa, for less than a cheap bottle of wine per month. Watch your own forest come to life and become climate positive for less than $2.75/week.

My friends and I have even started paying each other for services in trees (don’t worry mom, I mean actual oak trees).



Website | Linkedin | Twitter: @usepatch

Patch is the API for negative emissions. Developers can use Patch’s API to make any transaction carbon neutral with a wide range of negative emission methods (e.g. direct air carbon capture, bio-oil geosequestration, enhanced weathering, reforestation and more).

Website | Linkedin | Instagram: @_wearepossible | Twitter: @_wearepossible

Combining individual and local actions with larger systemic change, we face our climate dread with a can-do attitude and sense of fun. Possible are tackling the climate crisis by inspiring people to act in 5 key areas – eat & buy, travel, energy, nature and talking.

Website | Linkedin | Instagram: @project_wren | Twitter: @project_wren

Project Wren are a startup offering a web based, monthly subscription model for offsetting emissions. They also allow for offsetting of flights.

With Wren, you can go beyond reuse, reduce recycle. Here’s how it works: you calculate your carbon footprint, support a proven project to offset your emissions, and receive updates every month on how the project is going.



Website | Linkedin | Twitter: @WMBtweets

A coalition aiming to catalyze business action and driving policy ambition to accelerate the zero-carbon transition.

Website | Linkedin | Instagram: @fairphone | Twitter: @Fairphone

A phone for everyone who cares about how their products are made. It improves the conditions of the people who make it and uses materials that are better for the planet.

Website | Linkedin | Instagram: @howgoodratings | Twitter: @howgoodratings

Future-Proof your products. HowGood data offers data to businesses and consumers about product sustainability from 350+ independent sources on over 1 million products. Extensive data library on product sustainability designed to help brands and retailers use that data to source better and consumers to buy better, to build a better world.

Website | Linkedin | Instagram: @planaearth | Twitter: @PlanAEarth

Software that helps your business calculate, monitor and reduce its carbon footprint. Our platform allows you to track your carbon footprint monthly and learn how to reduce it with the support of a custom sustainability action plan, automatically created based on your worst-performing indicators.

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